EI LIVE K12: There Goes that Boom Boom Pow!


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EI LIVE K12: There Goes that Boom Boom Pow!

June 3, 2021
4:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Earth Institute LIVE (EI LIVE) K12 is dedicated to bringing the science of sustainability to K12 students, educators, and parents.

About this Event

Presenter: Nicholas Frearson, Senior Staff Associate, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory

Target Audience: Grades 9-12

Volcanic eruptions are one of the most powerful natural phenomena that we can witness today. When Vesuvius erupted, it sent superheated clouds of ash and molten rock over 20 miles up into the atmosphere. Today, it is still a challenge when volcanoes close to human habitation erupt without warning, as was evidenced by the eruption of Taal Volcano in the Philippines in January 2020. So to try and solve this problem, scientists are developing an early warning system to predict volcanic eruptions. They are doing so by installing arrays of state of the art sensors on Cleveland, an active volcano in the Aleutian Islands, and beam live data back from it to our labs in New York. Join us for this session to learn how scientists are analyzing volcanic data in real-time to identify patterns that will help them anticipate future eruptions.

A link to join the session will be provided to all registered participants 24 hours in advance.

If you would like to submit any questions before the event, please send them to Cassie Xu ([email protected]).

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