Climate Week NYC Virtual Event | Sea Level Change: a SciArt Concert and Lecture


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Climate Week NYC Virtual Event | Sea Level Change: a SciArt Concert and Lecture

September 23, 2020
4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Hosted by The Earth Institute, Columbia University, this event is a SciArt concert and lecture designed to showcase work that develops the understanding of sea level and coastal change, through the process of collaboration at the intersection of music and science. The event will include a music video premiere, paired with a scientific lecture, plus a Q&A with the creative team. Inspired by the publications and mathematical equations of Jacky Austermann, Assistant Professor at Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, both Eve O'Donnell, composer and Artistic Producer at National Sawdust and Lea Luka Sikau, Mezzo-Soprano and Ethnomusicologist at Cambridge University have created a multimedia music video and creative response for the digital performance space. The music explores the patterns and the structural frame within the scientific work, through the use of electronics, voice, guitar, mathematical equation, instructional performance art techniques, and spoken and written text that displays Austermann’s equation and results. The lecture will be presented live by Austermann where she will discuss the collaboration, and how it showcases certain elements of her research, in addition to the overarching science behind sea level change. Join them in this online musical premiere, lecture on the scientific work, and Q&A to explore the importance of collaboration between interdisciplinary fields to develop innovative dissemination formats of scientific research, which have the potential to highlight issues surrounding sea level change, climate change, and sustainability.

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